Server Time

Mu Online Season 6

x3 grand opening 01.03!

IMPORTANT! To enter the game you need to click on the link HERE, download the update and drop it directly into the game folder with a replacement! Or download new client here.

Changing server files! Be right back soon!

✅Exp: х40✅

✅Drop: 15%✅

✅Season 4 Favorite Remake (meaning that the server is partially changed by us and our programmers who worked on it);✅

✅Maximum level: 400;✅

✅Maximum reset: 100;✅

✅Grand reset with 25 reset;✅

✅Maximum Grand reset: 20;✅

✅Maximum stats: 32767;✅

✅Magic Gladiator create level: 150✅

✅Dark Lord create level: 170✅

✅Rage Fighter create level: n/a✅

✅Required level to create a Guild: 150;✅

✅The level for activation of the MU Helper: 1;✅

✅Help NPC Buffer: up to 400 level, 5 resets, given for 12 hours;✅

✅Game commands: /addene /addagi /addstr /addvit /addcmd ✅

✅Reliable protection from all sorts of cheats and dupe;✅

✅Bonuses through voting for the server;✅

✅Unique balanced spots in all locations!✅

✅Unique in-game Quest System;✅

✅Convenient game panel in the game with a wide range of services!✅

✅High-quality Assembly and protection from third-party software!✅

✅Server uptime: 24/7;✅

✅In-game trading system!✅

✅Unique Auto Party & Party Leader systems!✅

✅Reconnect the system. Re-entry into the party after the release or disconnection;✅

✅Unique Offline leveling;✅

✅1 type of premium account;✅

✅The unique system of domestic economy;✅

✅Game clock;✅

✅New HP bars for monsters and players;✅

✅New unique monsters and bosses;✅

✅In Lorencia Non PK.✅


Blood Castle

Devil's Square

Golden Dragon Invasion

Skeleton Invasion

White Wizard Invasion

Chaos Castle

Castle Siege

Kantru ( Maya & Nightmare Event )




Happy Hour

Cherry Blossom Event

Moss Merchant Event

Custom Drop Event

Illusion Temple Event

Golden Archer Event

Good day, friends. We deeply apologize for postponing the opening, but as it turned out, we should carry out a small number of works before bringing out the x3. In order to give you a decent start, we are forced to take some measures.

✅!NON FO!✅

✅Technical support 24/7.✅

✅ A lively server economy where valued zen, jewels and coins. ✅

✅ Modern System Anti-Cheat ✅

✅ Obtaining WcoinC by game is available ✅

✅ Active for all players Off-EXP system ✅

✅Constant innovations in the game and on the site.✅

✅High-quality PVP and PVE balance of all characters (Each class, its own pluses!)✅

452.pngWithout fast wipes452.png


Rates and Start


🔥Exp x3 / Zen x20 / Drop x15.🔥

🔥Without EXP Bonuses!🔥

 🔥Game type - PvP PvE(and pumping on Quest System)🔥

🔥 Start date: 01 of March at 16:00 CET🔥

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