Server Time

Mu Online Season 6

x3 grand opening 01.03!

Advice? Recommendations? Wishes? Parting words? What to do at the start?

Administrators of Mu-Abyssal reccomends to you:

Pick up:

  1. Star of the Sacred Birth
  2. Heart of love
  3. Box of Heaven
  4. Silver Medal
  5. Gold Medal
  6. Box of Red Ribbon
  7. Box of Green Ribbon
  8. Pink Chocolate Box
  9. Red Chocolate Box
  10. Blue Chocolate Box
  11. Pumpkin of Luck  
  12. Cherry blossom box
  13. Sealed silver box
  14. Sealed golden box
  15. Rena
  16. Lucky coin
  17. Imp

Also visit invasions:

  • New Year Invasion
  • Rabbits Invasion
  • Summer Invasion
  • Christmas Invasion


Want to have an edge at the start? Want to help a project in development? Want to play even more interesting? Then you definitely need to help us!

Call your friends, share via Skype / Telegram / Facebook / anywhere and receive the most pleasant presents at GM’s discretion. P.S. we are not greedy if you are interested in helping;)

(send screenshots of your newsletter to admin telegramm +380636527651)

And the most important thing! Do not forget to vote for the server. Your every vote is very important to us. Also for those who will vote every day before opening the server, we have separate prizes!

We all see :)

Hello dear friend! Always in looking for good server? STOP! You are here!

What you should to know? All simple:

Exp: x40

Drop: x15

  • Castle Siege every week
  • Events every week from Game Masters (1-7times per week)
  • Some PvP Contens
  • Some PvE Contents
  • Some PvP provocative events
  • Quest System
  • Bonus EXP in PvP locations

Reconnect system;

Quick start reset system:

1st reset - 350lvl; 2nd reset - 360lvl; 3rd reset - 370; 4th - 380; 5th - 390.

Elf buffer 400lvl

Helper - 80lvl

Silver / Gold party system

Limited "3" connections from 1 PC / IP

Max reset - 200 / Grand reset req. - 100res / Reset level 400 / Maximum Grand Resets - 10

Grand reset great rewards.

Formula "BK SM ELF SUM" / "MG" / "DL"

5/7/7 Points per level; 500/700/700+50 command; 10 000 / 12 000 / 12 000 +2k command

10k Wcoins + 2k goblin points.


All other information you can collect selfplay ingame or on forum! See you soon!

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